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  • Biesmeyer TS fence

    I was checking out the Biesmeyer TS fences on Amazon and found three diff. fences at thre diff. prices.
    !. Delta BC 30-Inch Biesmeyer table saw fence $389.99

    2. Biesmeyer 78-921 48 inch $242.83

    3. Delta 36 T2 30 inch fence and rail system $195.96

    I would like to get a fence for my TS3650. Anyone know why the diff. in prices. The longer fence (48 inch) is cheaper? And will these work on my TS?
    Any advise will help.

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    Re: Biesmeyer TS fence

    I have been dreaming about a wider fence capacity for a while and now that I'm building a TS workstataion a la' rnt80 I would love to get the extra fence. I've tried to search the forum for specifics (model # etc.) but no luck.

    I will follow this thread closely....
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      Re: Biesmeyer TS fence

      You may want to check and see if the 48" fence is for the fence only, or the rails only....if it's both, it's the better deal in my book!

      The T2 is not a genuine Biese...more like a Biese lite. Similar design and principle, just not as robust....still about the best "bang for the buck" going right now....Lowes has it for $150.

      They should all fit, but you may need to drill some CI, which drills nicely with some light oil.

      30-Inch Biesmeyer
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