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    I hope to get a Twin Linear next month and I want to install it on the right hand side of my outfeed table:

    I downloaded and read the manual for the TL and it sounds like mounting is easy. I would have to remove the TL anytime I need to rip large sheets however. Is that going to be a problem? I don't want to spend hours setting it back up if I have to move it out of the way temporarily.

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    Patrick, I can't speak specifically to the Twin Linear, but I have the 24" Jig Ultra, it mounts simular to the TL, in fact the table I have is for the TL. I do not think that removing the TL is a big deal, it should only take a few minutes to set it up again. To see a picture of my setup, go to the Woodpeckers site in the customer pages:


    Hope this helps...


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      Thanks Ken, it's good to know I can remove and replace the TL with no trouble. That's a nice setup you've got on the Woodpecker site. Do you use the right angle fixture that attaches to the fence? Or just the miter slot in your table top?


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        I use the sliding 90* fixture that came with the set, That way it is always 90* to the fence so the fence alignment is not as critical. The miter slot is mostly used to hold featherboards.
        I also have another fence I made that pivots on one bolt(simular to the CMT Router table)and just clamps to the table at the other end. I hope I covered all of your questions, please let me know if I can help more...