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  • TS fence upgrade?

    Recently at a local Home Depot, I noteiced they had a RIDGID fence system for sale. Is this an upgrade for the TS 2424? It said on the box it was for all RIDGID stationary tablesaws with cast iron wings, as well as Craftsman saws. It reduces the left side to 12" and increases the right side to 36", no mention of the actual fence quality.
    Also, it was marked down significantly. Is this itemm being discontinued or is there a new model coming out?

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    The Home Depot in Torrance CA. had three of them left. The boxes were covered in dust. They were marked down to $50.00 each. I bought all three. The fences are the same ones used on the TS 2424. They are not an upgrade. I had been looking for a new fence for my 20 year old Craftsman. All the big name fence systems seem to start at $200.00 and quickly go up from there. I just could not justify this for an old Craftsman. The fences on the Ridgid and the NEW Craftsman saws are nearly identical. The fence extrusion is exactly the same. It's obvious they are made by the same company. The Sears catalog had them for $150.00. They didn't have any in the store, so I thought I would check what Home Depot had. I could not believe my luck. I have also been wondering if they are coming out with something new or being discontinued. I didn't ask anyone (I try not to talk to Home Depot sales). I think the quality looks pretty good, but I have not installed it yet. I inspected all the fences and rails and they were straight and true out of the box. It was a no brainer for $50.00. I know it will be better than my original fence. I'm giving one to my uncle and using one for a router table. I am going to install one on my saw this weekend. Does anyone have any tips for installation? I was also wondering what the opinions are on these fences.

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      The fence system you're referring to is the AC1036 Retrofit fence system. Other than the measuring tape it is identical to the system on the TS2424. The kit is meant mainly for those who have an older Craftsman saw and would like to upgrade their fence. The AC1036 kit includes two rails and the fence itself along with a spreader bar. The rails the come on the TS2424 are the same length just located in a different position. Matter of fact one can order the rip scales and the spreader bar from us (Emerson Tool) and convert a TS2424 fence to the same as the AC1036 retrofit system.

      As far as why the kit was marked down, we are now offering all accessories directly to the consumer. Visit this link: and click on Accessory Store.



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        I have just purchased new self stick rulers to make the conversion myself. I can't justify $150.00 for the upgraded fence, especially when all I need is rails with the ruler in a different location. A piece of hardwood dowel attached to the end of the rails will prevent them from flexing when the fence is locked at the end.

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