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TS3650 Burning Issue

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  • TS3650 Burning Issue

    Recently I have noticed some burn on the fence side of my board when ripping. Everything is square, straight, or where it is supposed to be, and no binding on the outfeed side, and I am using a good quality sharp carbide blade. Any ideas or suggestions on what has happened, or how to stop it ?

    Thx JR
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    Re: TS3650 Burning Issue

    How clean is your blade, and is it the right blade for the task? A blade with pitch build up will burn more easily, as will a blade with too high of a tooth count for the task. You typically want 3-5 teeth in the piece for rip cuts, and 5-7 for crosscuts.

    Also, some woods are more prone to burning than others....walnut, maple, cherry are some. Has the wood been flattened and straightened on a jointer? A board with variation in the shape is more like to cause some binding even if the saw is aligned. Some wood is reactionary too, which can cause binding.

    Cleaning the blade is a good habit to be in regardless, and is dirt cheap using nearly any degreaser spray cleaner like 409, Simple Green, Totally Awesome, etc. with a tooth brush or brass brush. A clean blade will stay sharp longer too.


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      Re: TS3650 Burning Issue

      Is the burning occuring on the back side of the blade?

      First make sure your blade is square to your mitre slot to the left of the blade.
      (There are some detailed instruction on how to do it on this forum somewhere)

      Also make sure that your fence is square to the slot. Now here is the catch, the back end of your fence should a hundredth or two further away from the blade then the front.

      That is the gist of it. As long as you have a clean, sharp blade you should not burn any wood.
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        Re: TS3650 Burning Issue

        Check the back of the splitter if you have it installed. If it is not aligned behind the blade, it will push the wood over as it leaves the able, causing it to rub the blade. My guess is the back of the splitter is pushing the wood to fence side as it leaves the saw.

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          Re: TS3650 Burning Issue

          How wide is the stock when the burning occurs? I ask this because I had the same thing happen when I would rip stock wider than 24". the outfeed side of my fence was offset to the right about 1/32nd. I finally discovered it was because once the fence is beyond the right wing the rails would somehow slightly shift, even thoug I had the round spacer bar placed in the exact place as the manual stated. I finally gave up and upgraded to a biesemeyer fence and rail system and couldn't be happier since and no more burning even up to 30" ripping.