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Looking for opinions/experience with Polyurthane brands

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  • Looking for opinions/experience with Polyurthane brands

    Hey all,

    I've used Olympic Gloss Poly for everything I've used poly on. Very fast build up and really high gloss. For Josh's High Chair, I bought a gallon of Zar Clear Gloss. I'm not happy with the build up I'm getting, or the gloss. It's thin, runs easy, and after 2 coats I feel the build up isn't enough to sand yet. Where the Olympic I'm use to using has good build up for sanding after just one coat and looks like the wood was dipped in glass.

    The Zar is much clearer, the Olympic has a higher amber tint, especially after 2 coats. The Zar does dry faster.

    I'm looking to my fellow woodworkers for their opinions on other brand names of Polyurthane that you have used as far as: A) How good the build up is; B) Dry time; C) Clearity; D) Gloss

    I have several projects planned for Josh in the near future including: Training Potty Chair; Rocking Horse; Building Blocks; Dresser; Toy Box; and what ever else comes to mind. So a good fast build, clear, fast drying high gloss poly is going to be my perference.

    Thanks in advance, from both myself, and son Joshua.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    UO, where do you find all of the time for WW projects? I have a 15 month old son and a second child due in February. My wife is a stay-at-home Mom. Between work, normal chores (i.e. lawn mowing), home repair projects, and playing/taking care of my son, I'm lucky to have 15 minutes to read at the end of the night.


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      I've used Carver Tripp water based poly on a few projects and haven't been disappointed. I really like the soap and water cleanup and 30 minute dry time.

      I've also used and had good results with both Deft and Minwax brands. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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        I'm lucky to sleep 3 to 4 hours a night. I've always been that way. And I make the best use of time as possable. I unwind at the end of the day here, slow down, so I can fall asleep.

        I'm a fast paced person. I'll spend a day thinking out the next months days activities. Then stick to it. If something comes up, I squeeze it in, somehow.


        I use to use Deft Laquer years ago to refinish guitars. Didn't know they made a poly! MinWax will be my next choice of poly for sure. Thanks for the tips!
        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          Have mainly used Minwax Poly (oil) and found that you can easily go from hardly any build, to "looks like you dipped in in plastic." Tried a can of Ace Pro and was pleasantly surprised.