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Planer board length

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  • Planer board length

    Hi Folks,
    Just to make sure I'm thinking the right way with the new Dewalt 13" Planer that Santa brought me. I'm wondering what the minimum legth board Is that I can run through it. I'm thinking that it has to be as long as the length between the 2 feed rollers. Otherwise, there is a chance that it will stop under the cutter, or worse yet, get pulled up by the cutter. Am I thinking the right way on this subject? Thanx for your help in advance....Bill

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    Re: Planer board length

    Actually, beings the tables are canted upward on the DeWalt to help avoid snipe, I think the minimum recommended length is 12", but may be 10 on the 13". I have the 12 1/2" (734) and it says 12. As I have just gotten mine, also, I haven't tried anything shorter than 3' so far. However, if you need to run a shorter piece, try running a scrap board in front and in back. That may help as long as the short board will span at least both rollers.

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      Re: Planer board length

      I wont try and plane a board that is not the length of the planer and one table. I can keep one hand on the board as it is entering and put my other hand on it exiting before taking the first had off. I just don't want it jamming or shooting out at me. LOL
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        Re: Planer board length

        RTFM. I believe it is 12" for the DW-735
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