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Tenoning with Ridgid 3650

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    Re: Tenoning with Ridgid 3650

    Originally posted by ironhat View Post
    I'm a 3650 lover as well and I failed to recognize and address a significant shorcoming. Cutting tenons requires some precise, repetative cuts and if you are relying on the stock miter gauge, without improvements, the slop between the slot and the bar can make your cuts vary. A short-term fix is making center punch marks along one side of the bar to take up the slack. Replacing the miter gauge is one of the popular upgrades but the aforementined 'punch' improvement works. And if anyone thinks otherwise, I love this saw!
    I agree about the miter gauge - I am using an Incra 1000SE (previously tried it on a hybrid saw that I got to try out for about a week before I decided on the 3650 instead).

    I never thought about the punch to clean up slop - good idea if in an emergency (but how many times could you - or would you need to - do that?).

    BTW, my son is a sophomore majoring in aerospace engineering and previously he had no interest in woodworking. He fell in love at first sight with the 3650 and wants to "borrow" it to take back to the fraternity house. A strange transformation.

    Oh - not related but funny - one of the saws I looked at but didn't get (Japanese, I think) had this instruction in the safety section of their manual:
    "Be sure that the motor is off when trying to change the blade."



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      Re: Tenoning with Ridgid 3650

      If M & T joints are the only motivation for upgrading your saw, have you considered alternate methods for creating M & T joints? I use loose tenons. I made a jig that allows me to make mortises with my plunge router. Tenons are easily created from scraps. It cost me $40 for baltic birch, another $40 for a couple of toggle clamps and other misc. hardware. Considerably less expensive than a new table saw.

      If, however, you're using M & T joints as justification for a new toy, then I wholeheartedly recommend upgrading your table saw

      Still able to count to 21....