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  • home depot and ridgid

    Can someone out there please explain the connection between HD and the Ridgid tool line?I must be confused.I have been under the impression that HD owned Ridgid.Or maybe the other way around.I remember when Ridgid sold the best pipe wrenches and pipe threading machines.I thought they were out of Cleveland Ohio.A ridgid tool calender was very desirable.
    When HD came to this area about 6 years ago I see that they sell Ridgid electric power tools.Most of which are made by Emerson electric motor in St Louis Mo..Emerson also made many of Sears /Craftmans tools .I recently purchased several Ridgid tools from HD.I immediately found I was in need of parts.I called the parts order line ,which is in South Carolina.I finally got the parts on order,after I provided the part numbers and them telling that wasnt a good number.The best part of this entire experience was the parts arrived in three days from a place called Gardner Inc.They are located in Columbus Ohio and only 30 miles up the road.
    Apparently they sell parts for about everything that HD sells.There are at least 5 HD 's in my area.Three that I go to frequently.None of the people in the tool departments know a damn thing about the tools.Not one person could show me how the MSUV worked or could answer my questions about the TS 2400.After many trips to various stores and lurking on this forum I was finally educated enough to make my purchase.I knew I was going to spend about $1400 and I thought that should qualify for at least a 10%
    discount.My father taught me that only fools pay the sticker price.Besides I love to haggle.This was the weekend before Veterans day and I am retired military.Why, you would have thought that I was trying to rob the place.Same response all three stores.I finally convinced one store manager, that the up coming Veterans day sale, which had not yet been advertised,should apply to me at the same only a little early.She finally went for it.I paid full price for all items minus 10%.Now the irony of it all.The TS 2400 was on sale at Christmas time for $259.All in all it would have been the same money for the same package of tools I bought in November.
    Why all the crying and complaining?
    If HD is the sole retail outlet for the Ridgid tool line,don't you think Ridgid would be money ahead to find an outlet that treats thier product with more respect than they get at HD?That is what makes me think that HD just might call the shots on Ridgid.Why else would they tolerate that situation?
    My apologies in advance.I did not intend for this to turn into a rant or HD bash.I needed to vent my frustrations.I hope I can do that on this forum.I shall find out soon enough.I look forward to your comments.

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    Re: home depot and ridgid

    Stand in line Ed your not the first to rant about HD and their treatment of Ridgid and customers and you certainly wont be the last.


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      Re: home depot and ridgid

      My understanding is that Emerson manufactures consumer goods for HD under the Ridgid name in a Sears - Craftsman kind of way. Which is why you practically never see this brand label being sold elsewhere.

      I hadn't realized Ridgid existed as an independent entity at some point.

      I could be out to lunch on this though. If so, someone will set things straight...


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        Re: home depot and ridgid

        Ridgid plumbing tools have been an institution as far back as I can recall.
        Our local plumbing supply house seems to have moved away from the brand, I have noticed.


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          Re: home depot and ridgid

          I loved and bought ridgid but parts, service and hd being the worse store. I will not buy any more.


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            Re: home depot and ridgid

            What are you going to do? You've got to treat HD as no more than the place to pick up what you're buying. I do all my research online or through magazines. I find out what I need, get a sense of how much it should cost, review how to use it from some online forum, and then hold my breath, run into HD and buy it. The only time I encounter a worker there is when I ask to locate something. (And chances are they won't even know the location.) Here's an HD tip: seek out the oldest worker in the store, the older gentleman who is supplementing his retirement income. Chances are he knows what he's talking about or will take the time to help you find an answer. It's a generation thing, I think. (I'm 46.)


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              Re: home depot and ridgid

              Some reading that might interest everyone...

              Ive always had a "crackpot theory" that there is one group that controls all the brand names. TTI sure carries enough of them


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                Re: home depot and ridgid

                [quote=ed kerns;115293]Can someone out there please explain the connection between HD and the Ridgid tool line?I must be confused.I have been under the impression that HD owned Ridgid.Or maybe the other way around.I remember when Ridgid sold the best pipe wrenches and pipe threading machines.I thought they were out of Cleveland Ohio.A ridgid tool calender was very desirable.[quote]

                emerson electric is the parent company that owns the ridge/ ridgid tool company.

                the main location of ridgid is elyria ohio.

                400 clark st. ,
                elyria, ohio. 44035-6001

                for those of you that are going to take place in the ridgid roundup

                bring your best game as i will be bringing mine.

                time to be determined.

                phoebe it is


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                  Re: home depot and ridgid

                  Ed Kerns,

                  Okay, here's the straight answer to your question... or at least as straight as I can make it anyway. "Ridgid" (the brand name) is owned by Emerson Electric; but, Ridgid tools falls into at least three catagories:

                  First and foremost, the "plumbing" line of tools. These, I believe are mostly made here in the U.S., but like all products these days, some may be made in Europe or Asia.

                  Second, is the vacuum products, which again I believe are mostly made here in the U.S. and probably to a large part, by Emerson Electric, the parent company.

                  Third, are the power tool line. Prior to 2000, many of the stationary products like the RAS, table saws, etc. were made by Emerson Electric here in the U.S. For at least three decades, Emerson also made the Craftsman RAS and some of the other stationary tools for Sears. But by the late 90's, Emerson started subcontracting much of it's stationary power tools to Taiwan, where I believe TTI (Techtronics Industries) was a major manufacturer. TTI is a Hong Kong-based company with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, and the U.S.

                  In 2003, Emerson entered into a licensing agreement with TTI in which TTI would have exclusive use of the Ridgid brand name for application to TTI's "professional grade" line of power tools. Prior to this agreement, the Ridgid-branded line of power tools was limited to stationary shop tools like the RAS, table saws, drill press, oscillating bench sander, the thickness planer, lathe, and a scroll saw; there was no hand-held power tools in the Ridgid product line that I am aware of. All of these tools were gray in color with red-orange trim.

                  With the license agreement, TTI introduced the new line of power tools which were now orange in color, with gray trim. These consisted of the old stationary tool line (with the exception of the scroll saw) and it introduced the line of corded and cordless hand-held power tools. Though branded "Ridgid", the design, manufacturing, warranty, and service programs were all under the ownership of TTI. At that point in time, Emerson Electric had already entered into agreement with Home Depot for the power tool's to be exclusive to Home Depot. TTI further enhanced this agreement by giving HD the introduction and promotion responsibility for this new line of tools.

                  With the introduction of the new product line, a Limited Lifetime Service Agreement was initiated and was in place for approximately the first nine months of sale. It was dropped after that (I believe April, 2004), but was brought back in late 2005, as I recall.

                  This licensing agreement with TTI has nothing at all to do with the plumbing or shop vac lines of products... only the stationary wood-working tools and hand-held power tool line. Likewise, Home Depot only has exclusive sales of this power tool line and, I think, the major portion of the shop vac line. If I'm not mistaken, the plumbing line of Ridgid products can be purchased from other sources, like plumbing and trade supply houses.

                  TTI is a relatively new company, having come into existance in the late 70's or early 80's. It was started and is still headquarted in Hong Kong (British at the time it was created). It has grown very rapidly though, and is now the owner of several brands, including Milwaukee, AEG, Ryobi, Stiletto, Homelite, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Vax. In addition, it manufacture's products using the Ridgid brand name and also many of the Craftsman-branded products, as well as others. It's manufacturing, engineering, and industrial design facilities are some of the most modern in the world and it is a leader in aluminum and magnesium casting technology.

                  However, Home Depot appears to have the 'say' within the U.S. and Canada, with it's exclusive retailing agreement with TTI. A product's placement, packaging combinations, and general 'shelf life' appears to be tightly controlled by Home Depot's market and sales analysis (same with TTI's Ryobi brand). If a product does not live up to expectations, Home Depot cuts it. Likewise, as HD positions itself in the market place, it also decides which products best fits it's seasonal or yearly plan and many times a product simply disappears, despite it's appeal or quality. Fortunately some of these products show up at your local Sears store, wearing the Craftsman brand. (for example, the Ryobi BT3100 and the old Ridgid scroll saw have been slightly redesigned and now wear Craftsman black and red.) Similarly, the European and Asian markets have TTI tools that may never appear on Home Depot shelves.

                  So Ed, I hope this answers your question. Somewhere here on the Ridgid site, you can find the press release's announcing the TTI agreement and also the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement.

                  Last edited by CWSmith; 01-10-2008, 01:15 AM.


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                    Re: home depot and ridgid

                    That’s the best synopsis of the RIGID brand I’ve seen to date. Being that most of us have one or more RIGID tools we have a stake in the brand. Since HD is our point of contact it would be nice if our rants and complaints were acknowledged by HD. That’s a wish that most likely won’t see any light. I was in HD yesterday to pick up a single router bit. There were no orange aprons to be had in the tool department. The router bits are locked up. After some time I found the apron assigned to the tool department. I mentioned to him that I had a few questions about the RIGID line and he said he knew little to nothing about that brand but had heard that Rigid was supposed to be pretty good. That was it! No knowledge or understanding of the brand. We here on this forum support the brand far more than that store. Home Depot couldn’t care less about support for RIGID or any other brand. They just want us to spend our money there. Johneel is correct. You need to do your own research because HD most likely won’t be able to help.
                    Oh, by the way, I didn’t get the router bit. They couldn’t find the key for the display case. I drove over to Lowe’s and picked one up there.


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                      Re: home depot and ridgid

                      Thank you all very much.Especially to CW Smith and Orange Apron.I had never heard of TTI.I now consider myself more informed .
                      I think that Ridgid makes a fairly good quality product.Maybe not up to the rigors of the everyday contractor but certainly on a par with your average hobby/home owner /woodworker.Yet it does seem a shame that the primary retail outlet doesnt do a better job of marketing,displaying,and selling the product.Another contradiction in the rule of square footage equals $$$$$$$$$
                      Better display and knowledgeable sales staff would usually mean better sales.Makes sense to me.I remember when the first HD came to this area.The tools in the coral were actually alive demo area.The DC was hooked up and everything worked.You just had to find an orange apron with the safety key and the hands on demo was underway.That forced the nearest Lowe's store to follow suit.Of course those days are gone forever.
                      Thanks again and I look forward to next time.


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                        Re: home depot and ridgid

                        Just my 2 cents here.I haven't been in an HD in about 7 years as the closest is about 100 miles away.I have several Ridgid pipe tools ,threaders vises etc,But have none of the new line of power tools.So I guess as a mostly neutral party to me Ridgid should get out of the exclusive with HD and market openly maybe even directly from factory.I've read many complaints on here about HD and also the many complaints on parts and repair service with ridgid.
                        So if ridgid wants to grow the powertool line it seems a few things must be changed to gain and keep more customers.But seeing as its a huge multinational corp now with several brand names maybe promoting the ridgid name matters little to bottom line profit.To me its kinda a crime that the good ridgid name isnt represented better.


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                          Re: home depot and ridgid

                          One of the reasons I even considered my recent purchase (table saw) was that I still have several Ridgid pipe cutters and other plumbing tools - from a previous life in my tool box. For almost 30 years, they have served well and easily earned their spot. If the Ridgid company, whereever it is, maintains the previous level of quality that their plumbing equipment earned, it was a good purchase.



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                            Re: home depot and ridgid

                            Being on a "Rigid" forum, I hate to say this but I never heard of Rigid brand tools until I entered the local HD (which has probably been around for about ten years.
                            I was shocked to find out that Rigid tools has been around for ages...then I live in Canada...(across from Detroit) and now that I know about TTI etc., well everything is a bit more clear. I was told by Sears Canada that Craftsman was made by Ryobi, but now I see that Ryobi is owned by TTI (or Emerson?) if I read correctly.


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                              Re: home depot and ridgid

                              Thanks guys.Especially to Orange apron and CW Smith.I had never heard of TTI.I now consider myself more informed.
                              Ridgid had a very nice display area at Columbus woodworkers show yesterday.They were selling factory reconditioned tools and I heard the prices were very nice.They always had a crowd around them and the cashier seemed to be plenty busy.
                              Thanks again for your insight into the Ridgid /HD /Emerson /TTI relationship.