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  • Intro + A Little Advise.

    Hello everyone. I've been carousing this forum for about 1 solid month since I've found it. What an excellent resource! I spent that full month reading forum topics that date back to 2001. Granted I admit I only actually read about 60 percent of the topics, but what Ive gained in knowedge is invaluable.
    Well I've been around woodworking before, ie. drafting/woodshop 2 years in High School, My foster father of the last 2 years of my childhood was a professional woodworker. He taught me the ropes a bit here and there. Anyhow it all seems like so long ago and I've probably forgotten more than I know. I am about to get back into it in a month or so after just a bit more research. I have an expense, per Lady, of 2500 US. Unless I can get a 15 percent discount I realise I will have to leave a tool or 2 out of my intial setup. Not counting Jigs, Bits, so on. My interest is to build furniture for my home that I can pass to my children. Whatever other projects I can find time for, the skies the limit. I have a list of the tools I think I may need off the bat to keep future costs low and to achieve my goal. Can you'all please help me decide if Im making the right decisions on tool types, not "manufacturers". I also realise you can build anything with hand tools but it takes a heck of a lot longer in most cases. So here goes in order of perceived importance.
    Rigid Table Saw TS 3650, Rigid Joiner JP 0610, Rigid Planer TP 1300 LS, Rigid Band Saw BS 1400, Rigid Router R 2930, Rigid Miter Saw MS 1290 LZ, DeWalt Plate Joiner. I am sacrificing the drill press, and the stationary sander,at the moment; is this wise. I have a circular saw, a couple of palm sanders, shop vac, and a few other miscellaneous things. Sorry for the long post folks, future post will be much shorter. Anyhow great place could'nt be happier that I found it!

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    Re: Intro + A Little Advise.

    What in the World. Sorry for the double post. It said I was no longer logged in and asked me to post again. Again sorry about that.


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      Re: Intro + A Little Advise.


      Welcome to the forum. As you noticed, there's a wealth of information on here. I think, from other posts, you may want to research the band saw choice. Some on here have had issues with the initial setup and upgrading parts to minimize vibrations. What size shop are these tools headed for? A bench top drill press comes in quite handy, more precise for drilling and you can put sanding drums on it too.

      Let us know how things work out. Enjoy your found again hobby..
      If at first you don't succeed, try reading the owners manual.