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    ok, ok ... I know I said in a previous post that I was not interested in the Incra miter gauges. But, checking the latest prices at Woodpeckers, the 1000SE is looking like an exceptional buy. It seems that one of the things I was most concerned about, the lack of an auxillary zero clearance fence, well, it appears I was just flat out wrong about that. After reading the Woodpeck site more closely it looks like you can use their own coated MDF face and still use the flip stop. Guess you could make your own aux fence as well. So, users of the 1000SE, are you happy with it? Do you consider it a good addition to the TS3612? What I am looking for is a good fence, accurate angle settings without having to always check with an additional device, measuring scale on the fence, flip stop aux fence for zero clerance.
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    You haven't got that much time left for the $118 Woodpeckers sale. It works fine, even with all the stuff hanging off the back that you didn't like last week. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    And you can build your own sliding table for it to make it even more versatile. Put your own MDF fence on it for zero clearance, since you'll be cutting it up quite often when changing angles.