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    Re: TS3650/TS3660 Herc-U-Lift

    Originally posted by yuntrips View Post
    Had the same problem with mine. I found that if you loosen ALL the bolts in the upper assembly, then attach it to the legs, then retighten everything, you'll get enough play to line up the mounting holes.
    Thanks Yuntrips,

    I got back to it this afternoon and did exactly what you said and loosened all the bolts and everything suddenly fit

    To tighten them all again, I was worried about getting the legs spread evenly, so I actually lifted it up on newly attached herculift while the leg bolts were still loose and then tightened everything while it was in the air. I figured that Gravity would make everything fall evenly and spread evenly. It seemed to work and when I let it down, it was almost perfect; I simply had to lower the feet about 1/4 inch to clear the front casters (again done in the air to make them easier to adjust).

    I made a slight mistake when tightening the rear rail - I didn't lower it below the miter track, so the miter bound when I tested it - easy to fix but annoying.

    Everything else seems to be going well; I got as far as sliding the motor into its position before stopping for dinner. Will hopefully complete everything in the morning. Probably have taken about six hours when I'm finished.

    Thanks again for the advice,