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TS3650 fence storage and Titebond II glue

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  • TS3650 fence storage and Titebond II glue

    The fence on the TS3650, when placed in the storage hooks to the right side of the TS can possibly damage the left ruler view magnifier if slid too hard against the TS leg. If you turn the fence on its side, it is a tight fit but the magnifiers will not hit the leg. Have any of you concerns about damaging this viewer when inserting it in the upright position?

    Also, my shop is in my barn and it is not heated. I have had the wood glue freeze before and instructions say keep from freezing. Anyone have info as to what actually happens to the glue and its effectiveness if it does freeze?

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    You can find many answers to your glueing questions at Titebonds' website. Just click on the FAQ box when you get there.

    Can't help you out on your fence storage question. I just leave my fence right on the saws table top 99% of the time.
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      Freezing will affect the resins in the glue and it will not hold. MY EXPERIENCE!!!!
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        I pay little if any attention to the scale/ruler on my fence. i always check for square/correct side with ruler/tapemeasure/square.

        one of the things tht caught my eye in the new le valley catalog were their precision set up blocks. Interesting item.

        but nothing is as accurate as measuring your fence with the same tape measure/ruler you measure your work with as the measurements on the rails may not be the same as the tape/ruler

        just my 2 cents


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          Yep, I saw the setup blocks myself. I think I will try them after the first of the year.

          Thanks for the coments!
          It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.