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Prefinished / Preprimed plywood in MA?

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  • Prefinished / Preprimed plywood in MA?

    I've read about (and heard Norm mention on the New Yankee Workshop) preprimed or prefinished plywood (depending on what you're doing). Does anyone know where I could get some in the Massachusetts area?

    I checked out (thanks for posting that!) but the places I've called (Plywood supply in Waltham, Downes & Reader, National Lumber) either haven't heard of it or don't stock it. I'm looking to do some built-ins and some kitchen cabs soon, so if I can save some time finishing the insides and shelves of them, that'd be great.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Prefinished / Preprimed plywood in MA?

    Try Sterritt Lumber in Watertown.
    I don't know if they have it but they carry high end stuff and may be able to point you in the right direction. (I live in Watertown and am interested in trying my hand at kitchen cabinets too. I'm paying close attention to Norm's recent project and was intrigued by this article in a 2005 issue of Workbench magazine -- Good luck!


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      Re: Prefinished / Preprimed plywood in MA?


      Atlantic Plywood Corp.
      8 Roessler Rd
      Woburn (Boston), MA 01801
      Phone: 781-933-1932
      Fax: 781-937-3165

      Robert Bury
      1 Mill Pond Rd.
      Walpole, MA 02081
      Phone: 800-509-4633
      Fax: 508-660-3028
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        Re: Prefinished / Preprimed plywood in MA?

        awesome, thanks so much Bob and John for your help. Thanks!! This will be great.


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          Re: Prefinished / Preprimed plywood in MA?

          I went over to Atlantic Plywood once and found out that they sell only wholesale, not to individuals. However, if they handle the pre-finished stuff, I'm sure they can tell you where to buy it.
          Joe Spear


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            Re: Prefinished / Preprimed plywood in MA?

            I live in Burlington, and a few months ago I was looking for some birch 2x4's. While I didn't have any luck, I did find out about some reputable lumber stores in the area.

            Some that came highly recommended include:

            Moynihan Lumber (North Reading)

            Anderson & McQuaid (Cambridge)

            If they can't help you, you can always try to ask the folks over at the Woodcraft in Woburn, or Rockler in Danvers.

            Best of luck!