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Brad point drill bits, frustrated!!!

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  • Brad point drill bits, frustrated!!!

    Okay here is my story, started my first large woodworking project a Futon Bed building from plans received form Rockler. I purchased the recommended Red Oak and proceeded to follow the plans which called for 3/16", 1/4, 5/16", 9/32" and 1/2" holes to be drilled using a brad point drill. I proceeded to look for these sizes at the local Woodcraft store and found 9/32" size to be somewhat hard to find in a set, I then went on Internet and found the Deep Sea Brad Point set from Woodcraft 8 sizes from 1/8" to 3/8".

    I received the set and proceeded to try and drill the 5/16" hole and it took way to much effort to drill the hole and concluded the bit was not sharp, I then tried the 9/32" and it cut much faster but had a noticeable wobble and of course made a slightly enlongated hole. I immediately called and made arraingments to return for credit.

    I have now ordered a set from Lee Valley it's there 15 piece Imperial set..

    Comments appreciated ...

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    Re: Brad point drill bits, frustrated!!!

    You made a wise choice when you went with Lee Valley. They are by far the best company I've ever dealt with on the Internet and every product I've ever purchased from them has been A+ quality wise.
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      Re: Brad point drill bits, frustrated!!!

      I had the same experience with some brad point bits - some cut great, some very poorly if at all. This was in a large drill bit set I bought from Costco - all made in China. Although to be fair, I was drilling into mesquite.