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  • Mortising kit

    I'm wanting to purchase a mortising kit for my Ridgid 1550 drill press, but they say it is back-ordered for 6 months at least. Is there another brand that will fit. the quill is 60mm. Thanks

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    Apparently the Delta will not work (based on the stated compatable quill diameters), below is from their web site:

    Model 17-935
    For 11-980, DP300, 14-070 and DP100 Drill Presses and 11-090 Radial Drill Press. Also fits Drill Presses with quill diameters of 66 mm, 50.8 mm, 48 mm and 38 mm. This includes Sears Model 21313 and 21317 Drill Presses.

    I have an older Craftsman 15" DP that the Delta worked on with a slight mod, I use a thin piece of shim material to take up the difference in the ID of the Delta 17-935 and the OD of my DP's quill. This is a piece of 0.030" SS shim stock. Without the shim the attachment would not clomp tightly on the quill.


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      I sent you an email from my yahoo account. I have a new mortiser attachment (Ridgid) that I never used. My drill is the DP1500, but it should fit yours too.


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        That seems to be Rigids new line, seems like no matter what you try and get from them they tell you the same thing since the new company take over. The local tool repair shop here won't even touch Ridgid woodworking tools cause it's like pulling teeth trying to get the parts. Ridgid will be no more in my shop, Grizzly and Jet all the way. Sorry, I just needed to vent


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          I am glad I have the old line of Ridgid. The one with the lifetime warranty instead of 3 years. I don't think that I would buy any of the new ones. Since building our shop and buying our tools 3 years ago, we have learned more about tools. Buying now, we would make different choices.


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            Anyone remember back when, if you needed something from Ridgid, 9 times out of 10 you got it promptly with a single phone call to an English-speaking person (albeit usually with a bit of a Southern drawl, but nonetheless in English), and the 10th time you just dropped an email to Jake Schnarre?

            Some changes are not for the best.


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              I would just like to insert that that a dedicated mortiser is the best option.

              You can find decent used ones on Ebay for a good price too.