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    Re: Best Magazine?

    Originally posted by Okiewoodhog View Post
    Thanks for all you inputs, I guess I will just have to pick some up at the newstand and see which one I like the best. I have picked up Shop notes and American Woodworker and have enjoyed reading them. I am a novice woodworker so I am trying to accuire as many tools as I can afford and learn as much as I can as fast as I can so I can create some really nice projects.
    Don't judge a magazine by a single issue. Remember, you can subscribe and try 'em out for a little bit. Then cancel the ones you find are less useful or not in tune with your interestes. Almost every magazine on the planet will give you a pro-rated refund, so there's minimal financial risk.

    Based on your notes and responses, I'd recommend you at least start with Wood. It's informative, friendly, and there's plenty to read.

    Since you mentioned you're ramping up on getting tools and what-not, you should put yourself on the Web specials / email list for:
    Lee Valley / Veritas
    MLCS Woodworking
    PeachTree Woodworking

    All of them have sales / specials running all the time and you can hopefully pickup something you need at a savings.


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      Re: Best Magazine?

      I've subscribed to most of them off and on over the years, but I have *every* issue of Wood Magazine. They all offer something to various stages of your learning curve, and Wood seemed to fit what I want best.


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        Re: Best Magazine?

        Hey wood Junkie: Thanks for the tips on the sales, I well check out all those sites and see what happens.

        As for the Magazines? I believe I will settle on Shop Notes and Wood for now and see where that takes me. Since I am a beginner I need to start from scratch and then as I get better I can work up to FWW and others that are currently over my head. However I am not new to power tools, I used to be a Machinest in my younger days and still have most of my tools, also I have built houses and remodeled houses for years, I have just not done any fine woodworking and that is what I want to get into.

        Thanks again!


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          Re: Best Magazine?

          Originally posted by govan nursery school thug View Post
          make mine woodsmith.. no ads, decent colums and project for all skill levels.
          I'd add to that Woodworking Magazine - No Adds. I have come to really like this one.

          You can download free issue here:

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            Re: Best Magazine?

            Woodshop news has always been my favorite

            or you can check out my site


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              Re: Best Magazine?

              I have a subscription to Woodworker's Journal and find that the projects are mostly for the more skilled woodworker. In the past the tool reviews seemed to be geared towards those with more skill and a larger wallet than the beginner. Recent reviews are covering the entire price range and skill level. After reading this thread I'm going to have to check out Wood, ShopNotes and Popular Woodworking as they seem more my speed.