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3612 blade wobbles or is it a bad blade?

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  • 3612 blade wobbles or is it a bad blade?

    After I make a cut and while the wood is still next to the blade(it is winding down after I turn off power) it sounds like a tooth or some of the teeth are still just barely touching the wood. It is a rhythmic sound like it is coming from one part of the blade. It is the stock blade and I have not changed it yet since I bought the saw. All the adjustments and calibrations that the manual describes have been made at least twice.
    Is this normal?

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    If the 3612 has a short coming its the stock blade that comes with the saw. I replaced mine with a Freud LU84R011 shortly after I got my saw. The difference was very noticeable. It wasn't like I had used the stock blade all that much either. I doubt if I had 100bf of use on it.
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      It is easy to tell with a couple minutes of testing, Rafael.

      1) Disconnect the saw completely from power.
      2) Remove the blade insert.
      3) Discover which tooth is farthest to the left. Easy way to do this is by clamping a stick to your miter gauge. Rotate the blade and adjust the stick so it just touches on the tooth that comes closest. With a felt marker, mark the closest tooth.
      4) Loosen the blade and carefully rotate it 180 degrees, without turning the arbor.
      5) Repeat step number three.

      If the same tooth is closest both times, the blade is either bent, or has a tooth out of line.

      If the second test's closest tooth is 180 degrees from the first test, it is the arbor.

      If any other result, both the blade and the arbor have some deviation. This is -by far- the most likely, everything has a little tolerance for imperfection.

      A friend of mine has an extremely expensive tablesaw, like new car expensive. It too makes a little ticking against the cutoff while the blade spins down. It takes almost no deviation at all for this to happen. The important question is, how is it cutting? If the answer is "not good enough", that's what the test is for.



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        Clever test.
        It is cutting well. I do not notice anything wrong with my cuts. I just wanted to know if it was a normal situation.


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          I noticed my 2424 doing that after a move. It was the blade being just a smidge off from the miter slot...
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