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How to set up a ZCI for new blade and Dado Set

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  • How to set up a ZCI for new blade and Dado Set

    Hey guys - my first post as I retire and pickup woodworking since I learned at my Dad's side 40 years ago. Took him a long time to build that ark!

    I just bought a TS2400LS, Forrest blade, and the Forrest 1/4"-3/8" two blade dado set. I haven't even finished wiring the basement but foresee an issue to ask you folks about. I bought two ZCI's for the new blade and dado set but can see the 10" stock Ridgid blade and new 10" Forrest blade will not lower sufficiently to clear the blank ZCI. While the dado set is 8" and won't be a problem, Is there any issue with using one of the two dado blades to carve out "some" of the blank and then using the intended 10" Forrest blade for the rest?
    I guess I am concerned if there is a balance problem with using one of two intended interlocking dado blades separately. The remaining option would be to use the two dado blades together to create some clearance.

    Any help would be appreciated -


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    Re: How to set up a ZCI for new blade and Dado Set

    Either method you have mentioned should work. Just be sure you don't go all the way through the ZCI so you are still able to obtain true zero clearance when you swap back to the actual blade you intend to use with that ZCI. I have also heard of others using a router to notch out a "trough" to make some blade clearance as well, but I normally use an 8" blade to start it with as you have suggested.

    Don't forget to use some scrap wood to clamp down the ZCI as you are raising the blade through for safety.
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      Re: How to set up a ZCI for new blade and Dado Set

      What I did (learned from others here, of course) was remove the small set screws from the stock insert place, and put it back into place. This puts the insert plate lower than the table, creating a bit of a recess. Set your ZCI right on top of the stock plate...the recess will center it perfectly. Clamp it down with a long piece of wood and clamps at front and back of table, and raise the blade right through the ZCI.

      This works for the 3650, and hopefully for your 2400.

      Congrats on retirement. I'm getting close...only 28 more years. <sigh>


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        Re: How to set up a ZCI for new blade and Dado Set

        Thanks for the advice and the options guys. I'll let you know how it works out.



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          Feedback on ZCI for new blade and Dado Set

          Well, I ran 2 - 20 amp GFCI's in the basement today and fired up the TS2400LS. I went with pre-cutting the first insert with the 8" dado blades and then switching over to the 10" blade for the final cut.

          Learned a few things along the way -

          a) The ZCI's I got from Peachtree Woodworking, through an Amazon order, were "cupped". Their enclosed papers said to "apply" some weight or pressure on them to remove the bow. I actually clamped them to a flat work table for 2 days but they still had almost a 1/8" droop in the center. I leveled it such that the front and end are level with the table but am concerned about the center and the possibility of something catching on it. Should I be concerned? I've also passed on the issue to Peachtree Customer Service.

          b) These inserts are very thick with a reduced edge to sit on the ledge of the insert cavity. Due to this "bump" in the center, I could not set it into a lower stock insert for cutting. Had they been uniformly flat it would have been a good idea.

          Thought I'd share -


          latest - I contacted Peachtree and they told me to return the ZCI's and they would replace them and reimburse my shipping costs. The owner was the responder.
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