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Store bought ZCI, plastic vs phenolic

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  • Store bought ZCI, plastic vs phenolic

    Like so many others, I cannot find a replacement table saw insert for my 1960's vintage Craftsman saw.

    I might make my own ZCI based on other threads here.

    I have found about four pre made units for my 113.29901 saw. Some are made of UHMW plastic and others are melamine coated phenolic.

    The UHMW ones are nearly half the price of the phenolics. But, the phenolic ones advertise that they are "better".....flatter, smoother, less friction, less prone to warp or twist, and they "look" more substantial..i.e side adjustment screws, etc..

    Since I will be buying these unseen, can anyone offer advice if the more expensive one is better? Or. do the plastic ones work just fine? This saw is not a heavy duty professional cabinet quality machine.

    Thanks so much.