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25% off Ridgid Tools

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  • 25% off Ridgid Tools

    I was at my HD today and they are having a 25% sale on most of there old Ridgid tools. I may just head back and pick up the planer. It's presently going for $284. This is the price drop I have been waiting for.
    There really trying to clean house.

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    Well---from posts I've read, HDs across the country, certainly haven't been consistant in their sales. But, I would say it's certainly worth stoppin in when you can, over the next few weeks----you can just never tell what might be in the bargin bin!


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      Nothing here... I was prowling today. They are doing some housecleaning and there are a few deals, mostly on cheaper and oddball stuff, but no across-the-board discounts on anything good.

      I see they did find another PC 8529 new in the box, still with the straps on, if anyone is interested.


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        HD has been doing some house cleaning, I found an open box planer for $175 and 2 more for $200 but they didn't last long.


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          Hey everyone.
          Great forum....this is my first post but I've been reading for a while.

          Just wanted to let people in the Toronto Area know that as of yesterday Sunday Oct 26, the HD at Morningside and 401 still had a TP1300 and TS2412 both new in the boxes for the discounted prices. I know these are going fast so I thought I'd let people know.

          I picked up a TP1300 for $360 CDN (with the extra 10% discount for an old tool swap) and I think the TS2412 was for $499.