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    My friend that did the welding for me on the JP mobile base stopped by the other day with a 14' rough sawn cherry board. He wants me to make a picture frame for a 16" x 20" picture of his daughter in her uniform for some school function. It's a once in a lifetime thing for her.

    I've never given picture frames a thought, I just didn't take interest in them. But now I'm faced with making one, and I want to make it extra special. Any web sites anyone can direct me to dealing with picture frames would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance everyone.
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    Woody, there is a guy in Canada, Andrew London, who is very helpful on various boards, who gave up a perfectly good career in banking to do woodworking, especially framing. Although it isn't a tutorial, his site may have good ideas. see

    He references a site about making picture frame moldings -

    Picture frames seem easy, but every time I have made them (particularly making the moldings), it takes so long that I wish I had just bought the moldings. So maybe a big piece of cherry is just a fair trade for some purchased moldings that you lovingly assemble.