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TS3650 Assembly

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  • TS3650 Assembly

    Hey Everyone -

    First post here. Congrats to me. I just bought the TS3650. One concern while setting it up: The right extension table seems to be bowed. I could be imagining things; however, as I slide my fence to the right, from the blade table, it glides 8 paper thicknesses (like the manual says) until 3 or 4 inches onto the right extension wing. Then, the fence begins to rub against the table top. Also, the fence is supposed to glide smoothly, correct? it makes a horrible squealing sound as I move it, and it takes a bit of force to slides the fence. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks to all.

    - ian

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    Re: TS3650 Assembly

    I just purchased mine this past Monday, and set it up over the week. I love mine, you are sure to as well.

    I would suggest taking a look at your front and rear rails to see if one of them is taking a nosedive as it goes to the right, causing the fence to be pulled down to the table.

    As for the squeeling,mine did it too. After I had mine completely together and adjusted perfectly, I cleaned my whole saw woith wax and grease remover, a product for prepping cars for paint, and then waxed everything, including the front rail, which now glides effortlessly and silently.



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      Re: TS3650 Assembly

      I'll give it a look tomorrow. It's been pretty cold at night in Colorado (I'm using the uninsulated/drywalled garage of an 80-year-old rental home with a dirt floor as my workshop - built a platform for my saw) That iron and steel sure does get cold at night Anyway, I can't wait to start building!!


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        Re: TS3650 Assembly

        First post here as well - Piette's advice is good - sounds like the rails - on mine the fence actually slopes a bit from the 8 paper thickness at the locking front end to about 3 at the back but evenly all the way when slid to the right - one thing to look out for - if you raise the back rail too much it will prevent the miter gauge from sliding out the slot at the back so you have to find a happy medium - mine glides smoothly without wax but I have found that unlike my previous Beismeiyer which I always moved by the locking handle, the 3650 fence moves more smoothly holding the fence about a foot in from the me crazy but so far I like the 3650 fence better!...hope this helps


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          Re: TS3650 Assembly

          Everything works great now. I just had to make some bolt adjustments. Now all I have to do is re-wire the garage I'm working in. My fiance told me the kitchen lights go out for a second every time I power on my saw. The entire 900 square foot house I'm renting is wired on four circuits. I know it's old, but the landlord is gonna have some problems soon. I'm moving! Note to anyone thinking about buying a 3650: Great saw!! If you bought your saw from Home Depot, be careful not to buy your saw if the box is banged up (could have fallen off a forklift). Unless you talked the store manager into discounting your saw, it's not worth it because the parts may be bent or warped. I used the HD 10% moving coupon and convinced the MOD to knock off an additional 10% on top because the corner of the box was dented pretty severely. went from $550 to $440. If any of the parts were dented, the warranty would cover them. Cheers.