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TS3650 Guard at 45degrees

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  • TS3650 Guard at 45degrees

    Is it my poorly aligned guard or does the weight of it pull it out of alignment with the blade when its at 45 degrees? Works fine at 90. But I've had some issues with stock running right into it at when cutting at 45.

    I have a Freud Combo Thin Kerf blade if that is reducing the tolerance of movement too much.



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    Re: TS3650 Guard at 45degrees

    I had to spend a little time with my splitter at the metal vise banging it into shape to line up vertically all along it's height. It could be that the out-of-alignment part that's further up gets put into use when you're heeled over at 45 degrees. Take a look when you've got the blade heeled over and see if it's further up where it's out from the blade. Heel over the blade and take the yellow key out of the power switch. I always hate having my eye close to the blade, but you'll need to to check that.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.