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How Ridgid can sell more tools.

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    David---I love it!!! Bet a bunch of people were dusting off those cerimonial daggers that day

    Cutbuff---our mainstay is high tech??? Have you driven through Silicon Valley lately---it's like a ghost town. Pretty soon we'll all be either working for Walmart or selling Geico Ins.

    BTW----think everyone knows that the first step in the "changes" in American industry started when the Japanese making transistor radios. But, did you know who got them started??? Three Americans: Deming, Juran and Gen. Douglas MacArthur!! When the US was occupying Japan, MacArthur wanted to be able to address the populace on radio---only problem was few people had radios---what radios that were made when to the military---and their old factories were in disarray. So, MacArthur brought in American industrial experts to help Japan re-start their industries--and start making radios----Deming and Juran were in this group and just happen to be the two most famous people in quality control. So, between the transister coming from Bell Labs, and these three Americans---well, we've got no one to blame but MacArthur's ego. True story.!


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      Dave, I know, I've spent the better part of the last 15-20 years amongst the Silicon Valley community. Up until September that is, when woodworking was made possible for the first time! [img]smile.gif[/img]