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  • 3612 rails

    Bought TS3612 floor model for $425 - in great shape - have the fence, but missing rail assemblies. Tool/Hardware manager told me they were ordered a week before I bought the saw. Am I getting smoke from him? Reading these postings, I'm think I'm stuck.
    I called Ridgid Cust Serv and they said HD is supposed to be discounting them because they are incomplete/"as is." They will not send me the box of parts.
    Any help locating the parts would be appreciated.

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    Well, doesn't that just figure! I'd go back to the manager and ask for at least another $100 off, since $250-300 seems to be the going price for incomplete saws on the reports on this forum----or at least a $100 gift card---even if he gets the rails, they could be for the 2424, which may not even work with the 3612 fence---And if he won't just say you'll be bringing the saw back and see what he says!

    Anyway----with enough off, you'll be able to afford to add an aftermarket fence system like a Biesemeyer for about $260 or another brand of your choosing----you will end up with one fantastic saw!


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      Well,I think it got resolved today. I stopped by another HD today (I have been hitting all of them searching for rail assemblies!) I found a Rip Fence retro kit. The Hardware Manager didn't know it was there and couldn't find it on his computer! (No surprise!) I had him call the Hardware Manager that sold me the saw and explain my situation. They agreed to give it to me and said no questions if it doesn't fit - bring it back to ther store. I'm pretty sure it's exactly what is missing from my saw, except it includes a rip fence (so now I have 2!)

      The HD manager that sold me the saw told me today that when he called Ridgid they refused to send him the rail assemblies, so I got VERY lucky finding this retro kit.

      Will know tonight once I get it out of the box and continue my saw assembly.


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        JonnyK, I hope it all works out for you. I think the scariest part of your post is the response you got from Ridgid Customer Service and what appears to be their new approach to "customer satisfaction".

        Under the old Emerson arrangement you probably would have been saying how pleased you were that Ridgid responded immediately and sent you everything you needed. While the jury is still out on the quality and performance of the new lines, I hope the results are better than what I've seen so far from the new customer service.

        Good luck with your saw


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          I'm curious about something. If Ridgid is telling everyone your out of luck for parts such as rails for a 3612, what will happen with the present life time warranties on pre OWT tools ?
          If they are simply not supplying some parts how do you repair a tool thats broken ? I own the jointer (pre fence changes) which concerns me now, the planer, and the RAS.


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            I just purchased a 3612 without the fence also. However I was told by HD employee that if I called Ridgid they would send the parts no charge. Well I had them hold the saw for me while I tried to verify this. I emailed Ridgid and within 24 hours had a response saying they were back ordered and I would get them in the middle of November. If my case though I was not givin a discount for an incomplete saw since HD was telling me I could get the rails from Ridgid. (there was a discount already on the saw for being an old model).
            Bought the saw, called Ridgid gave them the serial number, was told would be no problem. Just have to wait till november. Just had surgery on arm so i have to wait anyway. (Also I did ask to make sure that I was getting rails for 3612 and not 2424 they verified that I was going to be shipped 3612 rails(actually rails for 3650 because I was told they are identical, they just don't have parts stocked up for new saws).
            So that's the story I got, come the end of November I will let you know


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              Forgot to say thanks to Ridgid because they did not really have to do this for me because it was really HD fault that the rails were missing and they really should have been willing to sell me the saw at a larger discount and just call it incomplete and not assume that Ridgid would make up for there mistake. Ridgid did just that. That makes deciding what brand of tool to buy in the future really easy for me.