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Router Table attached to TS3650?

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  • Router Table attached to TS3650?

    anyone have any suggestions/examples of a router table put in the right wing of a TS3650? How they attached it? Plans? Photos? Websites? Material?



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    Re: Router Table attached to TS3650?

    Use the Search function ^^^^^ up there in the darker grey menu bar. I did a search for "router table" (without the quotes) and came up with a number of them. Here's the first in that list that seems to fit your request

    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Router Table attached to TS3650?

      Hi Jer,

      I just attached Rockler's table extension to my TS3650. I haven't hooked it all up yet, but with some T-nuts and some holes drilled in the side of the table (once I do that- it's resting on sawhorses right now) it'll be all set, tight and level with the rest of the table

      I think some others have done the same as me, just search through the forum (particularly the Woodworking Forum instead of Tips & Tricks) like VASandy suggested. GOod luck!


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        Re: Router Table attached to TS3650?

        I built this from one of the woodworking mags, but I've slept since then and can't remember which one it was. The reason I built it this size is that I have a very small shop. The unit is on crazy wheel casters so I can turn it around in the center of the work area to cut long pieces in both directions.

        The router table is held to the table saw with angle iron and the top was shimmed to fit and then screwed to the angle iron from the bottom. The PRL lift fits nicely and allows me to cover the router area with a solid plate when using the top for the saw.

        I installed a Unifence so I could mount extension tables and various other stuff directly to the saw table. I'll keep trying to remember the mag that the plans came out of, but I know that I had to make the unit wider than the plans to fit the depth of the TS3650.

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