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TS3650 Belt Problem

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  • TS3650 Belt Problem

    I recently purchased a TS3650 and am very pleased with it. However, I have encountered a problem with the drive belt occasionally jumping off the pulleys. It occurs when the saw is switched on. It appears the moter is torquing forward, loosening the belt for an instant and causing it to jump off the pulley. I have aligned the pulleys, to the best of my ability, but continue to have the problem. Also, the full weight of the motor is on the belt even when the saw blade is fully retracted. This weekend while using the saw I began hearing a noise from the motor and determined the cooling fan was contacting the motor housing. I moved the fan on the motor shaft to eliminate the contact. In the process, I found that the motor shaft has about 1/4" horizontal movement. Is that normal? Could this be why the belt is jumping off occasionally? Has anyone else experienced the problem?

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    Re: TS3650 Belt Problem

    If the shaft is moving ANY direction 1/4", there is a problem! It needs to go back for replacement before something bad happens. Maybe they will just exchange the motor and not require the entire saw.

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