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Cabinet Pull Out Shelves

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  • Cabinet Pull Out Shelves

    Wife wants me to install pull out boxes on the bottom shelf of the cabinets. I've been looking for the slides to do this but all I've found is the standard drawer slides. Does anyone know of a slide system that mounts to the shelf itself and not the cabinets sides?
    I know they make them because you can buy the ready made kits at Lowes. Figure I could make them a lot cheaper if I can find the slides.

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    Re: Cabinet Pull Out Shelves

    There are a couple of ways to accomplish this using the standard drawer slides. If you are using the Blum style you can use the plastic boot to fasten the back of the runner and a spacer to fasten your runner to the face frame at the front of the cabinet. The spacer will ensure that there is room for the roll-out shelf to clear the hinge and also give you a little bit of space so you are less likely to scratch the inside of the cabinet door when the roll-out is full extended.

    Blum also makes a bracket called a "universal bracket" that will allow you to fasten the runners directly to the cabinet floor or shelf. It is like an "L" bracket with holes that match up with runners and it holds the runners about a half inch above the mounting surface. I used this system in the past but it is a little tricky because you have to screw the brackets down underneath the roll out shelf, so there is a little of the adjust-try it out-readjust.

    I would either get the full kit--I know bed bath and beyond has some nice chrome ones--or if you want the project install it the first way I described-as if it was a drawer mounted to the face frame but with a half inch spacer on the hinged sides.

    If you have any questions shoot.

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      Re: Cabinet Pull Out Shelves

      Here is an example of a spacer, boot and universal bracket. I found these in the EB Bradley online catalogue.
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      A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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        Re: Cabinet Pull Out Shelves

        I have used the slides that extend fully sold at Lowes and HD and mounted them on the shelf and on bottom of drawer. 14" set of two sells for $12 +tax and slide great