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  • What to do, what to do

    I have what is probably an enviable problem. I finally got my shop all tricked out with a 2 year old Ts2424 as the center piece. Some dear friends I did some electrical work for showed up on Christmas Eve with a brand new Dewalt DW746 table saw with the sliding table as a thank you gift. Since they visit my shop all the time I will be forced to use the Dewalt. My question is since I have several other Ridgid tools may I still post here? (Hee,Hee. Sorry Jake, couldn't resist, it is a beautiful saw)

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    ***Dave's jaw drops***

    Must have been some truly fine electrical work...




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      Sounds to me like you now have a rip saw and a cross cut set up! Won't have to change the blade except to clean it!

      Great freinds by the way!
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        Just think, if you would have stayed longer you might have gotten a Uni Saw...

        Great score...
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          Keystone: That's a great idea except I don't have room for 2 table saws. I have been looking at the new drill press....the 13" planer is really sweet many choices!


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            use the ts2424 for the dado and molding head cutter cuts. The dewalt is a pain in the but to change to a dado head I know the hard way.
            Andy B.


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              If you are going to trade it in so to speak, I would highly recommend the Rigid planer or the jointer.

              Would be great to be able to have two saw set up though. I know I would like to have a dedicated cross cut saw..........
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                Andy B, Thanks for the heads up, I was surprised that the saw came without a dado insert! Should have been a clue!

                Keystone, I wish I could keep them both but I just don't have the floor space. I have been eyeing the Ridgid RAS and am feeling the need to build something for the kids that will "require" the use of one. That usually works with the Mrs. but I just finished adding onto the shop for the third time and I believe she is getting a bit suspicious.


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                  i have done a bunch of electrical work for friends and all i ever get is beer!


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                    Congratulations Sir on your gift!
                    Does the Ridgid TS2424 have the Hurc-U-Lift on it?
                    Mine came with one but is only about a 6 months old. If it does, perhaps you can find a place to tuck it away and wheel it out when needed.
                    Or invest in the lift system to make it mobile.
                    My shop is pretty stuffed as well, but I could find room...somewheres...for a 2nd TS2424!
                    Good Luck on making the BIG decission, I know it is not going to be easy.
                    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>