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Miter Table for Ridgid 10501

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  • Miter Table for Ridgid 10501

    I just got a Ridgid 10501 Miter Saw and would like to make a permament bench for it. Does anyone have any suggestions or know where I can get some plans for this. I would kinda like to have storage underneath for tools. I was thinking about a 8ft table with the saw mounted so I could have a 6 ft support on one side and 2 ft on the other side. Any suggestions?


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    I did a quick search. Here's one I found:

    I know I have seen others but I couldn't seem to find any more at the monment.



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      Space is a huge issue in my shop, I mounted my saw on a well built shelf attached to the wall and angle braced to the wall at the floor (front of shelf to wall at an angle). I then built two drop in wings one left and one right of the saw, these wings lift in and out as needed. The left one pretty much stays in all the time the right one spends most of its time out. I have found that the left one really needs to be 8 plus feet long (mine is right at 80") I can't tell you how many times I've needed to take a fuzz off or miter an 8' piece on the left side, it just don't work. I keep planning on getting some digital shots of my shop so if your interested I will try to figure out how to post one here or I can e-mail you one, once I get them. Maybe next weekend, yeah I'll add that to my list of stuff to do, "But honey another woodworker needs my help, I gotta get these pictures." Do I need to clean up before the photos? What if my saw isn't orange can I still post a picture here? Leave a note if you want to see the photo's maybe that will motivate me to take them.

      Good luck

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