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Ridgid new pin nailer

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  • Ridgid new pin nailer

    Anyone know when the ridgid pin nailer will be in home depot stores?
    Or anywhere else?
    Any idea what they will priced at?
    Will they also carry the pin nails? If not what is a good source for pin nails?

    I wonder if E-bay will carry them first?

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Ridgid new pin nailer

    I do believe that they're available up here in Canada right now.


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      Re: Ridgid new pin nailer

      Called RIDGID about US availibility & they referred me to Home Depot.

      Called Home Depot Customer Care & the rep had no answer as to why it's only available in Canada & didn't know when it'd be available in the US.

      Supposed to get a call back from someone higher up Home Depot's Customer Care food chain with more definitive answers.

      But as canucksartech said, they are available at Home Depots in Canada.


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        Re: Ridgid new pin nailer

        Sorry all, just in Canada for now at least. Porter Cable got the contract to sell the same basic tool in the states. I will have a friend ship one from the great white north down to me!