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  • Beech Craft center

    This is a beech craft center I just finished for a client. Top is 60x60 1.25 thick (top weighed probaly 150lbs). Its 42 inch tall. All joints were either dadoed or rabbetted held together with nails an glue. Nothing difficult about this except the math and maybe gluing up such a big top. I did have to make my own 1/8 thick edgeband due to beech only coming in a pvc type banding that didint look real at all. Not sure why its not made. I held it on with a 23 gauge pin nailer an glue.
    Finish is a sealer and sprayed on lacquer.

    I have frequented this forum probaly now for a year. I dont see very many people post pics of there work. I guess there home DIYs or they just collect tools.
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    Re: Beech Craft center

    Very nice! Great work!
    I'm about 90% finished with my first furniture project, and trust me, I'll share pictures.