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    I'm considering buying a used 2412 and would like to know anything to watch for (in addition to the standard blade/mitre slots/fence parallelism found in any good TS book).

    In addition I'm slightly concerned about the 13A motor (instead of a 15 or 16A) mostly because of suggestions in ww magazines. It seems from users experiences the motor on the 2412 can cut about anything an average woodworker would want to do. I also have a friend who enjoys his 2424. Would the motors perform similarly if both at 110? I know the longevity would be different. Is there anything I shouldn't expect to cut given the right experience and feed rate? If the motor ever burned out could I replace it with the dual voltage 2424 motor?

    Any other thoughts or suggestions? I've reviewed the comments on this forum for 2412/2424/3612 and found them very useful. I'm a beginner woodworker looking for my first saw in a tight economy, so I'm looking for a used saw and can't afford the 2424 new. I might add some of those accessories later, and I don't think I'll need the herculift to begin with because I'm fortunate enough to have a storage building with plenty of space for making sawdust.

    Thanks in advance for all replies, and thanks to the readers and Ridgid for a first class forum!



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      I forgot to say in the other forum that I ran my 2424 for two years on 110 and never had a problem cutting 8/4 Maple or's got plenty of power.
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        I am not sure but I think the TS2424 has been phased out and replaced with 3612.


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          I asked this question almost a year ago and I bought the 2412 in mid 2002 and have enjoyed it. If I had to do it again I would have went with the 220 and the herculift. I don't need anymore help but maybe Brian does. Just thought I would let you know. But agian I would do the 3612 if I did it again. Good Luck Brian!


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            Thanks for the advice. After reading messages on this board and talking to a friend with a 2424, I called back about noon on Friday (less than a day after seeing the ad) to set up a time to come by. Unfortunately a buyer was already there. Proving once again good used power tools go quickly. Or I should quit my day job. So now I'm back to looking for a good used TS. Thanks for the replies, and I hope next time it's a used 2424 or 3612 that becomes available.

            As an aside for anyone from Ridgid reading. PLEASE consider offering tools direct or with another distributor. The closest Home Depot is 2 hours away, and my experience over the phone was horrible. I've never used a TS and knew more than the only HD employee I could talk to . That's in trying 3 different stores. If it hadn't been for this forum and word of mouth, I would not even consider a Ridgid because of Home Depot's lack of knowledge. My local Lowes has been a much better source for advice. If I could buy one directly or from Lowe's, I would strongly consider it. I know, exclusive rights, it won't happen. Oh well.