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    Have any of you guys seen, or been to, a Rockler or Woodcraft store? I discovered these two bastons of woodworking wonders recently and I'm hooked. If these stores had been in Monroe, LA when I was growing up, my Grandpa would have bankrupted himself at these stores. It is as if they went to HD and Lowes and found every item that those guys don't have and decided to sell it themselves. The T-Bar collection alone is greatness. Woodcraft has the most incredible collection of woodturning and carving tools I have ever seen. They sell so many species of wood that you'd have to take a botany class to learn them all.

    Woodcraft has woodworking and carving classes too. I'm going to take the cabinet making class next month. We all love to gripe about how incompetent the guys at Lowes and HD are, we'll the guys are Rockler and Woodcraft are the GENIUSES of woodworking.

    I am in love

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    Rockler and Woodcraft are great. Another great source for quality woodworking handtools and supplies is . Super fast shipping and absolutely perfect customer service!
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      Yes they are great stores and yes you can wreck the household budget in them.
      I'm blessed to have a Woodcraft store nearby but as of yet no Rockler. I was in Cleveland Ohio on vacation and visited the Rockler store there. If I had been a little earlier I would be the proud owner of a Delta 22-580 planner store model which they had just sold. Their closeout table was fantastic and I envy all that live near the store.

      I also agree with the Lee Valley recommendation
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        Sgt. Welcome to the wonderful world of tools. They're both good, each in a little different way. Also, totally agree with Lorax on Lee Valley. Between the three of them, there are always some sales going on----be sure to sign up for their mailing lists---it's worth it to know what's going on. And yes, by and large, their employees actually know what they're talking about.


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          daveferg: thats because many times the franchise owner is in the store behind the till and is a dedicated woodworker him(or her [img]smile.gif[/img] ) self. I know many times its important to shop price but at the same time service has a value as well Just my opinion bill [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            I live close to Nashville, TN. A Woodcraft opened in Franklin, about 25 miles from Nashville, last fall. The good news is that I have easy access to quality tools. The bad news is that checking account carries a much lower average daily balance. They have some pretty good classes also.


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              I'm lucky in that we have 2 Rockler and 2 WC stores in the D/FW area. I've only been to one of the Rockler stores (in Arlington) and they seem pretty clueless. I walk into the Fort Worth Woodcraft and there's always several people ready and willing to help.


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                I was at Rockler in Arlington and I thought they were pretty squared away. I do think the guys at the WC store in Addision were even better though.

                I bought a Delta DP350 from the Arlington store on Saturday.


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                  I've got a Rockler store near by.
                  I like to go there every chance I get.
                  Their prices aren't always the best, but if you watch for specials you can't go wrong. You can usually find things on sale and then they give you a gift certificate. I just picked up a Mortising machine at a good price with a $30 gift certificate. So now I can go back and pay the inflated price on something else. What I really like is the accessories. Like Sgt Beavis said, they've thought of just about everything.