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Belt tension on a new TS3650

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  • Belt tension on a new TS3650

    I just bought a new TS3650. Not too many problems assembling. Not quite sure about the correct belt tension. Does anyone have any good ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: Belt tension on a new TS3650

    The weight of the motor tensions the belt, you shouldn't have to do anything except make sure that the motor is mounted correctly.
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      Re: Belt tension on a new TS3650

      I would add: Make sure the pivot plate that the motor mounts to still has a little free play at both top and bottom of the full blade height range. On mine, the curved slot was cut too deep on the top, which meant that the motor mount bolts bottomed out at the full up position using the manual instructions. This will cause strain on the belt as well as greatly increase the vibration at full up setting. I had to slide the motor in about 1/4" to allow a little slack, so the spring could do its job.
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