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  • My Big Day

    Well, after hanging out on this forum for a few months now and planning my workshop in my head for years now, I made the big leap yesterday and bought just about everything Ridgid! I felt like a chick on her wedding day- I had 3 people attending to my every need at the Depot for 2 hours as we rounded up all the goodies that were stashed high above the floor! What can I say, it was the happiest day of my life- sniffle, sniffle

    The lower prices on the "old" models, the lifetime guarantee, and the credit card promotion with 10% off 1st purchase and no interest for 6 months combined with the distinct lack of daylight hours and the recent decision of my girlfriend and I to "give ourselves some space" all added up to the perfect time to go hog wild!

    Here's what I got:
    -TS3650 table saw
    -MS1250 miter saw for $170!
    -TP1300LS planer
    -JP0610 jointer
    -DP15500 drill press
    -shop vac
    -Freud SD208 dado set for $63!

    Unfortunately, I had to work most of yesterday and couldn't get started on the play until 9 pm. In 3 hours, I managed to do a rough set up of the shop vac, miter saw, planer, and drill press. So far, I'm really impressed with quality and detail of the tools, but am waiting on my combination square and dial indicator to arrive before making any conclusions. Oh yeah, I guess that using them might actually be a good indicator too, huh? [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks to everyone for all of your opinions and advice on the tools and techinques! I'll be busy with the new tools for a while, but will be sure to post any lessons and opinions I arrive at during their set up and use.

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    What else can I say!
    Support Our Troops!


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      By chance, you're not looking to adopt a 56 year old son, are you?