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    I have an air finish nailer which fires 18Ga nails. I've decided that 18Ga is not heavy enough. I'm looking at nailer's which are 16Ga and 15Ga, Is there any preference for general hone use?

    I use the nailer for building shelving and applying trim, among other things.
    Is 15Ga to heavy?


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    Re: Nail Gun

    Personally, I wouldn't trust either and 18 or 16 ga nail to support any kind of shelf, if that's what you're asking.

    I've built bookcases where I've used long wood screws to tie the middle shelf securely to the sides; in order to keep the sides from bowing. But all other shelves were supported on either adjustable shelf pins or were rabbited into the sides, in the case of fixed shelves.

    Brad and finish nails, as used in most air-operated guns are simply too easy to bend or pull out, IMO.

    I have the Ridgid 16 ga finish nailer and the 18 ga brad nailer. I use the brad nailer for trim, base cap molding, 1/4 round, etc, as well as to hold trim pieces in place while the glue dries. The finish nailer is great for baseboard and heavier moldings like chair molding, wainscote, crown, and inside window moldings, etc., where I want a longer nail.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Nail Gun

      I got a Campbell-Hausfeld three nail gun kit, which has 18g, 16g, and 15g (angle fed) nailers (if I remember right it was on clearance for $99 for the kit!)

      I use the 18g all the time for general woodworking assembly stuff. I use the 16g for installation of things (moldings, trim, crown, door thresholds, etc) but never for items that require actual support strength.

      I have yet to use the 15g nailer for one reason: The nails are of the clipped head variety. I dunno if there are other types, but the heads on these nails are so much larger than the finish / trim nails that I would never use them for an interior application. I do intend to use it later this year for an exterior deck (to tack boards in place while I drive in the *real* fasteners).

      Sorry to kind of hijack this thread... but I've been giving serious consideration to buying a 23g pin nailer. This would be for assembly purposes (e.g. 'til the glue dries), since I'm getting tired of *having* to fill the 18g nail holes. Anyone have any thoughts on brands and usage of 23g nailers? I'm trying to keep it around or under $125... for


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        Re: Nail Gun

        Home Depot had the Porter Cable 23 gauge pin nailer for $99.00. Nice gun, mine works great...


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          Re: Nail Gun

          At our HD during Christmas we had the Senco 3 gun w/bag kit. It had a 18 ga stapler, 16 ga straight nailer and a 15 ga angle nailer. I've used the 15 ga to install baseboard and crown molding. I used the Porter Cable nails we sell at HD and they worked fine. I paid $199 for it when I purchased it, but the day after Christmas we had 1 kit left and it went clearance for $149. Needless to say I got my $50. difference back.
          On the 23 ga pin nailer, the max length it shoots is 1", so it is limited duty for light glue up work.

          The 15 ga nailer is a great choice for items that require a longer stronger nail.
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            Re: Nail Gun

            Our local Home Depot has the three gun kit on sale right now for $149. I was thinking about picking one up even though I already have one of each that comes int he kit.