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TS 2400 alignment problem

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  • TS 2400 alignment problem

    I have a TS 2400LS and I cannot get it to cut square.

    I have aligned the blade to Dead on with a Dial Indicator from the left Mitre Slot. I have Aligned the Mitre Guage with the left Mitre slot as best I can with a square and it appears to be right. The rip fence is set to within .005 from front to back with the Right Mitre Slot.

    Ripping is not problem it seems to be dead on but when I try to square the ends it is out about 1/64th. I even put a framing square on the blade and the mitre and discregarded the position of the 0 and it still is out.

    Any idea's would be appreciated.

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    Re: TS 2400 alignment problem

    May be technique. When using the miter guage, keep pressure to the same side of the miter slot all the way through the cut. There is enough slop in the slot to throw you off. Also, make sure the work is not slightly rotating away from the outside of the miter guage when the other side starts hitting the resistance of the saw blade.
    I put a longer wood fence on the miter guage to make it easier to keep longer pieces stable. If you have done the same, and the wood fence is longer than your square, make sure it is straight, and not warped out at the end. Waxing the table top will also reduce any friction causing the piece to drag. (Use non-silicone wax like Johnstons paste wax, etc. Not car wax)
    Sawdust building up on the table at the bottom of the miter guage can also throw off your cut.

    Hope this helps

    Practicing at practical wood working


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      Re: TS 2400 alignment problem

      You are correct in the fact that the miter slot has some slop and I noticed it this morning and it very well may be in my technique.

      I was cutting verious sizes and lengths of pieces and did use a extension board on my miter and it really did not help that much. But I have not tired to apply the pressure to one side of the slot or the other during the feed so I will try that.

      As for the wax, I have waxed my table twice with Johnsons in the past 2 months to keep it moving smoothly so I doubt that is it.

      It seems to be 1/64th deeper cut at the start and comes to the correct size at the trailing end of the cut.

      Thanks for the advice.


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        Re: TS 2400 alignment problem

        In addition to putting a longer wood face on the miter gauge you might want to put some fine sandpaper on that face. Sometimes when everything is nicely waxed the board can slide just a bit when it first contacts the blade, and the sandpaper can help keep it from moving.