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Ridgid Laser Miter --- Yes and No

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  • Ridgid Laser Miter --- Yes and No

    After convincing myself that I just had to have a new miter saw to replace my old plain jane Delta, I fell victim to the the Laser hype. I just added the Ridgid 10" Laser Miter Saw to my collection of Ridgid tools. I had visions of no longer having to bring the blade down 2 or 3 times on every cut to make certain that the cut would be riht on. I knew enough going in that the laser would not line up exactly with the cut line but I did have visions of a easy to see bright red line down my work piece.

    The reality after using the saw is that the laser is almost impossible to see in sunlight and even in shade is very faint. The saw itself is light weight and powerful and was right on out of the box. The packaging was first rate as is usual for Ridgid. The only other negative I encountered is that the dust collection system seems to be lacking. It seems to make a much bigger cloud of sawdust than my old Delta ever did. The bottom line is that if you are thinking of buying this saw, buy it for the saw and not the laser.

    The jury is still out - - - I haven't thrown the box away yet just in case.

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    Sorry to hear about the laser----it's been very tempting. As to the sawdust----don't feel alone---my DeWalt really kicks it up----wonder if Delta has a better system? I use mine 90% of the time in the shop, so the sawdust collection is a bigger issue than it is on a job site.

    BTW----how has the accuracy been?


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      Dave, the saw was right on and in that regard was impressive. However, the same could be said for my old Delta.


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        Hi there. Purchased the 10" Laser miter saw last night to replace my aging delta shopmaster. I to thought the Laser would be a cure all.

        Packaged well, but very disappointed with the performance. The blade is nowhere near the cut line. If I have to move the piece so much to get the laser and my cut line to match up, why have a laser?

        It's going back today.


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          I have a DeWalt dual bevel 12" That I mounted a laser from Penn stae Industries to the front of the blade. It is battery opperated and I can lower the blade and it will(pin point) travel the length of the cut. I think it was less than $30. The hardest part was positioning it.


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            Sears offers special glasses with their laser tools. They are supposed to help you see the laser in bright sunlight. I wonder if they would work for these as well?