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  • JP610 Jointer ??

    I finally got my 610 jointer assembled after it sitting in the box in the garage for nearly 5 months. Setup was a breeze and the outfeed table was actualy aligned. I did screw up once and try to put the motor bolts in the wrong way. I was getting frustrated at how hard it was to tighten the nuts in the dust chute, then I realized I had teh bolts backwards. Once that was fixed, everything went well. Made some cuts yesterday and the machine performed better than I could have imagined. Did a glue up panel and saw no gaps anywhere.

    My question.. When I start/turn on the machine, it makes a noise like I've never heard. Perhaps it's the stand rattling, or maybe the cutterhead spinning at a high RPM. the noise is like a metal buzz/rattle. (almost sounds like an electric weedeater- I was expecting to sound like my 3612, very little noise and a silent motor/blad whine.) Since the cut and finish of the work I fed through was excellent, I'm guessing this to be normal. Vibration at the table was very minimal too. Could someone provide feedback.

    Also, I did install the link belt in the assembly process and just skipped trying the one that it came with.

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    The jointer does sound a bit louder than the TS3612 to me, but the buzzing is probably from the stand (the cutterhead does make a noticeably different sound than the saw blade does, but I don't think that is the noise you are asking about).

    You need to make sure that all of the panels are seated against each other properly before you bolt it up. If they are misaligned a little bit, you can get the buzzing you described. You should be able to slightly loosen the bolts and work the panels into place without needing to take the whole thing apart if they are only slightly misaligned.

    One final note - I don't use a link belt on mine, so I don't know if that may or may not be contributing to the different sound your's makes.


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      My JP is very quiet, about like my table saw.
      Definitely much quieter than the TP. I have no rattling as you described it. I'd bet that with a little exploration you can find and fix it.


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        Mine had a vibration where the dust chute meets the leg stand. I installed some thin washers to get some separation and it was much quieter. Still, it sound a bit rumbly overall. Without ever hearing another jointer run, I have no idea what to expect.

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          Well, I was able to quiet it down and now it runs pretty smooth, although not quite like my 3612. Turns out that it was the levelers. I think the nuts were just a little loose and the washers were vibrating. Won't have that problem anymore since I put it on a mobile base.

          FYI, I bought the mobile base from Rockler for $35. It is the type that you add the hardwood stretchers to and it has one caster the lifts and moves it. Works great and the jointer is stable. No more noise either.


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            you need to make that mobile base
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              What about spaceing the motor away form the dust shoot? With a pice of rubber?
              Andy B.


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                Andy, that is a great idea. Should have thought of that. You laways put rubber between pumps and compressors to cement to dampen vibration, so why wouldn't it work with the jointer? [img]smile.gif[/img]