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13" Planer Rigid vs Makita

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  • 13" Planer Rigid vs Makita

    I have read about everything written comparing and discussing Planers. I want to hear from people I know or feel have been using them. Just a simple question, excluding the difference in dollars, and color coordinating the shop, which is the best of these 2 planers ?

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    Re: 13" Planer Rigid vs Makita

    I am also in the market for buying a portable planer. Like you, I have read the reviews and I have decided on Makita.

    Hopefully someone with experience with either one will chime in.
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      Re: 13" Planer Rigid vs Makita

      I used to have the Makita. It was a nice little two-blade planer, and lighter than most, if you plan to move it around. It does up to 12 inches in width. I haven't used the Ridgid, but it does 13 inches, and I think the new one is a three-blade planer, which may give you more cuts per inch. That may or may not make a difference in the wood surface. I had a 13" Delta two-speed before the Makita. I thought I wouldn't miss the extra inch of width, but on several occasions I did. Anyhow, I sold it and got the new Sears Craftsman three-blade 13" with a digital thickness readout. I think the Makita is more expensive than the Ridgid. I think either one would would be a good buy, unless, of course, you got a lemon. Check the internet for prices on the Makita. Amazon is often the cheapest place for power tools, but not always. I got my Makita from Amazon when I had $50 worth of rebate coupons, so it was a good buy.
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