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who has found ridgid tool deals@ HD?

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  • who has found ridgid tool deals@ HD?

    Man it looks like every one can find the good tool deals. Expect for people who live near Sandusky Ohio.
    Andy B.

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    I have yet to find a sale on a Ridgid tool at HD. I have however purchased Ridgid and other tools at a 10% discount when HD matches a competitor offer of a 10% discount when purchased with a HD credit card. Otherwise, as mentioned in some other posts, HD will match a lower price on the same item from a competitor and give an additional 10% off the price. I have sound that this works for items that I have found on the internet too. I just took a screen print of the item that included the price and HD did the rest. Good Luck.


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      I have yet to find find a deal on Ridgid at HD. When I was purchasing my TS I was debating between it and another. The saleperson was quick to note that they could not compare Ridgid to anything else because they are 2 different brands. He didn't say anything about quality just differnt brands. They further more have never had a sale on Ridgid. This in the Kansas City Area.


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        In a way, I think it's encouraging that Ridgid tools are not always on sale or NEED to be put on sale. I think discounting cheapens a tool. Besides, for the listed price, most of the Ridgid tools offer a ton for the money.

        That being said, I did get 10% off of my TS1300 planer. I told the tool guy that I was trying to decide between one of the Delta planers and the Ridgid and he made my day by offering 10% off of the Ridgid to help my decision-making process. To be honest, it was the one I wanted all along .


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          Think the only deals I've seen have been when they are closing out a Rigid tool. HD has dropped the DC's and recently found the lathes down to $200. Don't know if it's a local, HD thing, but they sure don't feature the stationary Rigid tools as much, with the exception of the 2424. Don't think I have to suggest that we keep checking the tool section, on trips to HD , but, there just might be a bargin or two.


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            Keep reading these posts. I got the BS1400 for $350 by taking a post from nelson (Band Saw) posted 12-21-2001 12:57 AM to HD you need the store Phone # where it is on sale. But they Matched the Price from Calif. They called the store in Calif. to confirm the price. Salemen wanted to give me Floor Model, but Manager said "NO" give him NEW one in the Box

            [ 03-28-2002: Message edited by: Buzz ]


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              I bought TP1300 for $128.00 complete minus the box from HD


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                How about Ridgid tools on the web for a deal?


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                  Watch for the RETURNS,, I got my TS 4212 because someone did not follow the directions and screwed up breaking off a set screw. This saved me about $120.00 and I fixed the broken bolt in about 7 minutes. I am NOT sorry for this "reduced price". dd


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                    My local HD refused to match a price I had from the internet (Bosch 1617PK). In fact they didn't even look at the printout. Told me the competitors price had to be within a 20 mile radius. I then when to the customer service desk to double check (ok go over the salesmen's head) and they told me the same thing.

                    Sounds like HD corporate has a guideline, but lets the local mngr's wheel and deal as they like.
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