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anybody built plantation shutters?

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  • anybody built plantation shutters?

    Hi, new here but old everywhere else....

    I want to build interior shutters for my house, those guys blew me out of the water with a quote. I have 4 5' x 8' windows, they wanted $1200 per, and there's a bunch of others 5' x 5' and 4' x 5'. Anyway, I have a near new TS3650 to work with along with a nice drill press. I have a homeowner grade router but no table.

    Looks like poplar frames and basswood slats. A local wood vendor has the elliptical basswood slat stock for about $1/ft.

    Question: I don't really have much experience with the TS, can I get good enough cuts with it or do I need to get a jointer? Local HD has Ridgid 6" jointer for $399. The 3650 has an new 80 tooth Freud thin kerf blade in it now. The project I bought it for involved panels of 3/4" birch plywood, cuts were pretty clean.

    question: I'm thinking about using biscuit joints at the frame corners, have a couple decent clamps. does anybody think these would be strong enough? Or do I need to get into mortise and tenon joints?
    I could buy a mortiser for my drill press, but like the idea of the alingment benefits with the biscuit joiner.

    question: some of the nicer shutters I've seen have the edges of the frames beaded. Is there some kind of reasonably priced table accessory for the 3650? I looked at a couple mentioned in other posts here, but they push $300.

    I'm looking at this nice shutter build write-up. , anybody see anything wrong with it?

    Thanks to anyone who takes time to answer. I'm pretty impressed with quality of this board and the guys on it.

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    I have not, but I have wanted to. I did see a post several months ago on another forum where a fellow had made them. They looked awesome. You may want to ask about them there, or do a search.

    Hope it works for you.


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      I went to that site and tried to find the post. Wasn't lucky. Sorry.


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        yeah, I went out to bt3central and looked around too. lots of stuff, but no shutters that I could find. Thanks for taking time.


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          maybe you can find an old shutter somewhere and take it apart to see how they made it, then just copy that plan


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            I emailed the person that did them and have a couple of pics. If you want to see them email me and I will email back with his email address. They are quite nice.


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              Here's a website of a guy that made his own, with step by step instructions.

              web page

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                That's the site I linked to above. The guy really did a nice write-up. Thanks for taking time to look it up.