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Crosscut sled designs

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  • Crosscut sled designs

    Does anyone have a good crosscut sled design for the TS3650 ? I do a lot of cabinet making on this saw and find that a sled would really help. Debating on how to make it though.

    Input is appreciated...



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    Re: Crosscut sled designs

    Here's 3 I found from a Google search for "free crosscut sled designs".

    On any of these, you can add a guard of clear polycarbonate over the area of the cut. Basically, make a box the length of your sled, and about 4"x4" Make it without ends. Put a 4"x4"x1/2" piece on your sled to hold the guard. The blocks should be right in the middle, and make sure to hold them up from the bottom by a good few inches.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Crosscut sled designs

      Google crosscut sled and you will find lots of information on various designs of sled.

      Most sleds are designed by woodworkers themselves and reflect their individual needs and preferences. Looking at implementations of others will give you ideas about what features you want to incorporate.