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Bravo Ridgid!

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  • Bravo Ridgid!

    Over the weekend I discovered my newly purchased TA3660 tablesaw came with a warped (~10 thousandths) blade.

    Called Ridgid's toll free number on Monday 2/18, received a replacement blade today, 2/20 ... two days later.

    In addition to making fine products, Ridgid customer service is also top notch .

    Thanks Ridgid; you've created a loyal customer and horn-blower for your tools.


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    Re: Bravo Ridgid!

    Congrats on your new saw Mike. You'd still be doing yourself a big favor by purchasing a good aftermarket blade, and saving the stock blade for non-critical cuts Loads to choose from at varying price points, but a little research and $30-$100 will net you a blade that's an improvement over the stock blade.

    Good luck and be safe!


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      Re: Bravo Ridgid!

      Thanks heywood. I appreciate your advise on getting a better quailty blade.

      Best regards,



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        Re: Bravo Ridgid!

        I have had good luck with the Freud blades (both thin and full kerf). The Frueds also last longer on the intital sharpening than the DeWalt or the stock blade in my experience. I have not tried the WWII or the Rigid (not Ridgid) blades touted by others, so cannot comment on them.

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          Re: Bravo Ridgid!

          The Rigid blades got some high marks a year or two ago so I bought one and it's pretty good. When I decided that I needed a good rip blade I bought a Freud and it really is an excellent one. The Rigid was a combo blade so the comparison isn't very fair. Watch for an Amazon sale on Freuds and you won't be sorry but if you need a blade right now the Rigid will serve you pretty well. (Nothing like a flaky evaluation to help you make a choice!)


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            Re: Bravo Ridgid!

            I got a Ridge Carbide TS2000 and absolutely love it. It's been compared very equally with the Forrest WWII blade. You can usually pick either of these up for about $90 through various sellers (Amazon, Woodpeckers, etc)

            Rip capabilities are excellent. Cross cuts are excellent. All cuts are butter smooth.

            I glued up some 36" birch reclaimed hardwood floorboards to make a door threshold. After final sizing and what-not I took it straight from the tablesaw to the glue... no sanding, jointing, or anything. One of the pieces (of 6) had 1/32" of twist over it's length. But, the edges and faces were nearly glass smooth to the touch so I figured the glue could hold it true and would have no issues. And it didn't. I trimmed of 1/8" for final fit, and took that little piece of scap and bent it. It broke across the grain lines, not the glue line. The fit was so good that even on that 1/8" sliver the glue bond was stronger than the wood.

            As an aside.. you compare these two blades above next to, say, a big box blade Freud, DeWalt, or Ridgid... and the amount of carbide on the Ridge or WWII is just astounding. These higher end blades can be resharpened a half dozen times (supposedly). And since they can handle rips and cross cuts so well, you very rarely have to change blades.