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    I am looking at purchasing a new 14" bandsaw. I have looked at Grizzley, Delta, Jet, Ridgid. For some reason I overlooked the Craftsman brand. So I did some checking on their website and came up with two.

    Does anyone know if Emerson makes either of these saws? Does anyone have any comments about the Craftsman saws? Good or Bad

    I will probably look at all the bandsaws about 10 more times before I decide. (That's pale in comparison to the number of times I looked at the tablesaws)

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    Emerson and Sears parted ways in the late 90's. Neither of those Sears BS's are made by Emerson nor is the RIDGID for that matter. Which Griz model are you looking at?
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      The Grizzley Ultimate 14" Bandsaw for $487.25 with shipping.

      I stopped by Sears at lunch today. The salesman told me to go to Grizzley and buy. Pretty sad when the salesman can't recommend his own product.


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        The only reason I bot the ridgid BS is because I got it new for only $150, otherwise I woulda got the griz or something better. If you're expecting to resaw logs the ridgid wont do it, it is fine for what it does but it is underpowered.


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          I don't know this for a fact but one of the Craftsman Bandsaws, the Craftsman Professional 14 in. Band Saw Mfr. model #BAS350 looks a lot like a Rikon 14" Model #10-320. Follow the link for the Sears site and compare to the image below.


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            Or perhaps it is this Capitol model with a closed stand imported from Norway Capitol 14" BAS350


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              In order for a duck to truly be a duck it not only has to look like a duck, it also has to walk and quack like a duck. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
              I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                Badger said it as succinctly as possible. My bet is the craftsman just craps like a duck.
                Try to find people on some of the WW forums who own a sears BS and ask them about their experiences. Craftsman does have a few decent things, but not many.


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                  something I think very important to consider is how easy is to get (EOM) acessories or parts. If you have to depend on the Band saw manufacturer for accessories or parts then eventually you end up paying more or you might be stock with a tool which you can not enhance.


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                    I think you are right Wayne, the Capitol model looks closer to the Craftsman than the Rikon.


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                      Sometimes I wonder if certain tools are like lawn mowers. About 3 manufacturers make 99% of the tractors and retailers paint and logo them for their store.

                      On a different note.

                      I hate being a day late and a dollar short. A friend of mine and his brother-in-law were cleaning out a storage building at one of his businesses. I happened to stop by and saw a pretty good condition radial arm saw sitting next to the pile of stuff they were getting rid of. I quickly gathered up a price in my head and told them I would give them $100 for it.

                      My buddy replied "OH, Sorry someone is coming to pick it up WE ALREADY GAVE IT AWAY"

                      "WHAT!!!!!" What a friend.