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Best lowest price 10" blade for 3650?

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  • Best lowest price 10" blade for 3650?

    I need to replace the blade on my used 3650 I just recently bought. Former owners had ran the stock blade into the fence and insert so needless to say it needs to be replaced. But I don't want to spend 100 bucks on a blade just yet. Any recommendations on a lower price blade (< $50.00) that doesn't sacrifice too much on quality? I can't say right now what the primary use will be, be it plywood, crosscutting/ripping hardwoods. Could be a mixture as I learn to do stuff on it.


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    Re: Best lowest price 10&quot; blade for 3650?

    Check for reviews on the Rigid (not RiDgid) combination blade. It served me well until I could afford a Freud.


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      Re: Best lowest price 10&quot; blade for 3650?

      If the teeth on the original blade weren't damaged you could always have it resharpened. This would be the least expensive route to go until you figure out exactly what it is that you're looking for in a better quality blade.
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        Re: Best lowest price 10&quot; blade for 3650?

        Be careful here. We (woodworkers) tend to be cheap and sometimes that gets us into trouble. We think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars for the tool and then refuse to buy quality cutters. This includes drills, saws, and even sanders. I have seen expensive cordless drills using the cheapest bits you can buy and having problems. Likewise a cheap blade can actually end up costing you more than a quality blade and in some cases are even dangerous.

        My suggesttion is get the blade you have resharpened. See how well it cuts and how good of a job the sharpener did. If your satisfied great. Now look for a good blade, one which will give you many years of service. That coupled with a good sharpener will give you a winning combination.

        The sharpener may have recommendations on which blades he likes and he considers an excellent buy. He should know he probably has seen more saw blades than anyone on this forum.

        I'm lucky I have a sharpener near me that can take a rather bland blade and redo the grind on the blade making it cut head and shoulders better than it did when new. He also grinds the side of the teeth to help eliminate any runout the blade may have. Of course if the blade is too bad he can't correct it but he is expert enough to be able to make that call before he even begins to sharpen it. He also has told me one of blades wasn't worth resharpening even though it was a fairly expensive blade. On another blade I walked in holding and he smiled and said that blade throws teeth, sure enough there were teeth pieces of carbide missing. He checked each tooth and rewielded the ones that were bad. I think it cost me about $20 and I have never lost another tooth.
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          Re: Best lowest price 10&quot; blade for 3650?

          This is the blade I keep on my TS3650 for 90% of the time.

          If you enter BT310 as a discount code during checkout they usually knock off another 10% off the price.


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            Re: Best lowest price 10&quot; blade for 3650?

            The Freud LU86R010 is on sale at Amazon for ~ $32 shipped after 25% discount rings up. Really nice blade for the price that doesn't give up much to the $100 blades. I've also tried the Tenryu RS25540 that JBateman cuts about as cleanly, but note that it has a slightly wider kerf width of 0.118" vs 0.94" of the LU86, which allows it cut more easily through thicker wood. If you plan to do alot of plywood or need a slightly cleaner cut, the 60T LU88R010 is one fine blade that will cut as well as or better than the $100 blades in wood up to ~ 6/4"....~ $41 shipped after the 25% discount is sure to click where it says "6 used and new" available from $41.48, and choose Amazon as the'll show at $55 but will ring up at $41.25 prior to confirming the order.

            These are good all-around blades with a lot of versatility, and are a decent match for the 3650.
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              Re: Best lowest price 10&quot; blade for 3650?

              ive tried a bunch of blades and i landed at the LU88 mentioned above. Ive cut up to 12/4 walnut without issue (a 24 tooth rip blade works better but the 60T can do it).

              If you want a cheaper blade i have a hitachi 72T finish blade and a stock ridgid 40T blade im looking to sell, ill let both go for $55 delivered, both new. send me PM if interested.