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What lift works on the R2900 router motor?

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  • What lift works on the R2900 router motor?

    I bought the new Ridgid router combo last spring and I am very impressed with it so far as a hand held unit.

    I am looking for a router lift for it. The Woodpecker PRL looks pretty good, so I check their webpage and they don't have a adapter collar for the R2900. None of the other Woodpecker lift models have adapters that will fit it either. Looked at Jessem, same result -- Bench Dog - won't fit either. Looked at Incra, no luck. Heck, none of these vendors even have a pre-drilled plate for it (that I can tell) - but I'm not looking for a plate right now.

    The problem is that the OD of the Ridgid motor is just a hair under 3 - 5/8" (the best I can measure with my calipers). I spoke with the Woodpecker tech support and they don't plan to offer an adapter for the Ridgid router - said they had only had one other Ridgid owner ask about the same thing I was calling about. Until they get more Ridgid owners asking, then they can't justify tooling up to make them.

    Any other R2900 owners out there have any more info or suggestions on this?


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    Re: What lift works on the R2900 router motor?


    Also have the R2900 router. Would love to be able to use the new Incra PRL V2 lift. (Should have thought longer on the router purchase, I guess)

    Does anyone who has a Woodpecker/Incra lift have an opinion on how difficult it would be to rig up your own spacers for the R2900, since the manufacturers don't make adapter pads?

    Much thanks in advance.