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let's take a minute to talk about shop safety

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    A reminder for those who wear prescription eyeglasses. They may be tax deductable for you if you need them for work. Also, some benefit plans offer discounts or will cover safety glasses in addition to their normal dollar limit on eye care. And, some campanies offer good deals on safety glasses if you buy them through the company. The electric utility I work at has a deal with a local eye doctor which lets you buy prescription safety glasses for half price (they pay the other half), see if your employer has a similar offer if not make a suggestion that they do so.


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      Where you happy with the service Safety Glasses USA provided? Also what glasses did you get and has a favorite pair risen to the top of the heap? I inadvertently messed up my Uvex Genesis I purchased after this thread started and need to get some more and was thinking of buying several pair this time, and different types also.


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        You can get the replacement lenes for the Genesis frames, they're available in tints too for outdoor use.

        Liquid hand soap or dish detergent (a very small amount) works best for me to clean the lens using only your fingers under running water. Any cloth or a paper towel seems to scratch them. I keep a couple pair in the shop so I can change them as they get dirty. After a couple hours they will be covered with sawdust, if you try to wipe that off with a cloth or a paper towel they will smear and/or get scratched.