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Just Got The Ts3650

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  • Just Got The Ts3650

    Took A Day To Put It Together After Taking Lots Of Breaks, NOW IF I CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO UPLOAD PICTURES
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    Re: Just Got The Ts3650

    Congrats on the new table saw and welcome to the group.
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      Re: Just Got The Ts3650

      I just put mine together a week ago... good luck with the saw!!!


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        Re: Just Got The Ts3650

        Super! Now's the time to make sure you "optimize" it and get the most out of it.

        - at the very least, put a couple of coats of paste wax on the surface.
        - get the fence to blade alignment spot on
        - make sure the belt tension and pulley alignment are on
        - use stock blade for questionable wood, but buy a high quality blade or two for your primary precision work.
        - get or make a zero clearance insert
        - consider making a crosscut sled and/or buying an aftermarket miter gauge


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          Re: Just Got The Ts3650

          Here's a thread that may help with posting pictures

          Gentlemen, do we have a help file for posting pictures?
          I looked but could not find one in the FAQ section.